Indonesian Chicken Congee

chicken congee

Cooked breakfast. Those two words are my favourite! Who wouldn’t love a good hearty cooked breakfast? Growing up in Indonesia, I almost have cooked breakfast every single day, ranging from soft-boiled eggs, Nasi Goreng, noodle soup, or simply warm steamed rice with last night dinner’s leftover. Yes, my mom is da bomb when it’s coming to preparing cooked breakfast! She is simply the best!

There are stages when I got bored of cooked breakfast and demand of cereal instead. At that time, cereal is not really common in Indonesia and seen as a novelty food, so we didn’t buy it often. I remember the first time I asked my mom to prepare cereal for breakfast. Me and my sister got a bowl of cereal each (it was Cornflakes) with hot milk pour on it. Yes, you heard right! Hot milk! Because my mom always believe that you have to have something hot for breakfast! Bless her heart!

Anyway, since I moved to New Zealand, cooked breakfast is fast becoming a novelty. Weekday mornings are always pretty hectic with me preparing lunches to take to school for the kids and packed hot lunch for my husband. So our typical weekdays breakfast would be cereal (don’t worry, I give them cold milk), or spreads (butter, jam, peanut butter, you name it!) on toast. The cooked breakfast now have just to fill the spot on Saturday mornings. We always looking forward to Saturday morning to sit around the table, chat, and eat our cooked breakfast without rushing and worrying about the time to go to school or office.

chicken congee01

This recipe is one of my favourite for our Saturday breakfast. It is made in slow cooker, so easy, and can be prepared the night before, so I don’t have to rush in the morning and have a sleep in instead. Winner!

chicken congee


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