Beef Nachos & Tomato Salsa


This is actually my husband’s signature dish. There, I told you beforehand.

Beef Nachos is starting its humble beginning as a regular in our household way back when our family is just consisting of only two people. Me and my husband. It is a very easy dish to make, sort of chuck-everything-you-have-in-the-fridge dish. As a newly wed I barely can cook. Well, I love to cook, but my experience in the kitchen was probably more like cut a few things, chuck some stuff in the pot, and that’s it! So in the first few months of our marriage I pretty much made my husband a guinea pig of my sometimes tasteless and outrageous cooking. Bless his heart! Once a night, usually in the weekend, my husband will takes turn cooking. During one of these weekend cooking was this nachos created. At the beginning it wasn’t as elaborate as it is now, if I can say so myself. It was just very simple and basic nachos. Nevertheless we love it, and make it quite often. Well, often enough even until our 4 children come along.


Soon Daddy’s nachos becomes one of the favourites in our house. The children often say that Dad’s nachos is simply the best. They even say that I make it different to his one and demand that only Dad cooks nachos.

With that in mind, plus knowledge and experience I gathered after years researching for better nachos (yes, I truly did this!), I finally come to one perfect nachos. The meat mixture is still my husband’s signature, but I add a few other ingredients to make it richer. I also add tomato salsa to serve it with to give it a punch every time you take a bite. I simply love the tangy kick from the lemon, and the distinctive taste of the coriander. So refreshing!


And do you know what the children say when I serve this nachos? Nothing! They simply devour it. No more comment of how Dad’s one taste better or that Mommy cooks it differently from Daddy. Yes! Mission accomplished! Delicious nachos just like my husband’s one.

Here it is the amalgamation of me and my husband’s nachos recipe. One perfect beef nachos recipe!

beef nachos


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