White Chocolate Walnuts Cookies


Cookies, cookies, cookies! What better comforting food than cookies? Crunchy on the outside with soft gooey creamy center. So dreamy, it can make all problems in the world seems miles away. Lately, I’ve been stressing around and have a lot going on in my mind. Then one morning I have one of those light-bulb-moments. Ah-a! A very good excuse to bake a humongous batch of cookies! Not solving my stress problem directly, but it can calm me nevertheless!


And that is very very true. Baking the cookies, I can feel my stress melting away with every ingredients measured, every egg added, and every mix made. It is quite therapeutic, really. By the time the cookies in the oven I feel a million times better!

There is one other thing that can make my stress melt away. They are my family. My husband, who is simply the most gorgeous man ever, always makes me laugh, picks me up and makes me feel so much loved. And then there’s my children. My adorable four children. They just make my heart warm, simply by just being themselves.

My children absolutely adore my homemade cookies. They often boast to their friends that I make the best cookies in the whole world. Isn’t it sweet? It just melts my heart, and sometimes it can make them get away from almost anything. Almost!


Well, enough of talking now! Here’s the recipe for the White Chocolate Walnuts Cookies. I hope it can make you day better too!



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