Indonesian Street-Hawker Spring Rolls

lumpia basah

When I checked my Facebook news feed this morning I stumbled upon an image of my favourite food growing up in Indonesia. My friend was posting a picture of her homemade street-hawker-style spring rolls. My oh my! I showed it to my husband and said whether I should try to make it today. And of course he said I should! Well, I should know by now, I think he always says yes to food!

With the spring rolls in mind I went to the kitchen and checked my pantry for the ingredients. I have everything in hand, except for jicama. And being in New Zealand, it is almost impossible to get one. So I have to substitute the jicama. I decided to use apples as I think it is similar in texture and it doesn’t really have strong flavour if mixed with other ingredients.

lumpia basah01

If you understand Bahasa Indonesia you can check the original recipe here. But if you want to try my version, here is the recipe. I should say, being homemade, it tastes even better than the one I used to eat back in Indonesia. It is definitely healthier and you know exactly what you put into it. Enjoy!

lumpia basah


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