Cinnamon Crumble Muffins



I have a new addiction. Muffins baking! Yes! I absolutely love baking and trying out a new different flavours combination right now. My latest flavours “victim” is cinnamon. I don’t know why, but for me, cinnamon is always scream comfort. Anything with cinnamon in it, then it is definitely comforting. Not just only food, but candles and any other things smelled cinnamon-y.  



But for now, let’s concentrate on muffins and cinnamon. What better thing to have in your muffin than melting cinnamon center? Imagine breaking open a  warm muffin and come the oozing of brown sugar cinnamon filling. Ah, just imagining it enough already to make me salivating and think about how comforting that would be. Then there’s the crumble. Oh, don’t get me start on the crumble! Crunchy yet meltingly soft in your mouth. Mmm…



Right, I won’t describe it any further!  I just want to hold one right now, at this very moment! Here’s the recipe. Quick, run to the kitchen and make yourself this amazing little beauty!

cinnamon crumble muffins


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