Asian Mushroom Chicken Pilaf

asian mushroom chicken pilaf

I am in love with pilaf! Where have you been all my life? Really!? So versatile, one-pan type of dish (oh, yes, please!), and it tastes fabulous! Versatile because you can practically put anything into it, as long as you have rice. You can make it a one-pan dish if you have a claypot that can goes both on the stove and into the oven. Otherwise you just transfer the pilaf once it is finished cooking on the stove to oven-safe dish. Still, not much to wash, which always an added bonus!

Recently I have developed a taste bud for ginger. The other day I even tried Japanese pickled ginger that comes with my sushi for lunch. And guess what? I loved it! Wow! That’s new for me. I guess it is true that you have new taste buds on your tongue every 7 to 14 days. Back to ginger now! So, with ginger as my new right-now taste, I tried to incorporate it into dishes I made. Combine my recent love of pilaf and ginger, then this dish was born!

asian mushroom chicken pilaf01

Because ginger is quite strong I don’t mix it with other strong flavours and just let the ginger be the hero in this dish. But don’t worry if you don’t like strong flavours of ginger. I promise you that this is not too strong, yet you can taste the ginger in it. Blended with other ingredients, it makes beautiful flavours altogether. So here it is, the recipe. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll in love with it too!

asian pilaf


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