Chinese Fried Rice

fried rice

Fried Rice. What’s not to love about it? Nothing, really. It is easy to make and very versatile. You don’t have to stick to just certain ingredients, apart from the rice, of course. You can put practically anything you happen to have in your fridge and whip up a different combination every time!

I always love a good Fried Rice. One person I know who make great Fried Rice is my Dad. Growing up, my sister and I ate a lot of Dad’s Fried Rice. When Dad made fried rice it was always special. Usually it was an impromptu act, late at night, long after the dinner hour was gone. We were maybe watching TV together, or simply just talked about our day. Then Dad would suddenly announce, let;s make Fried Rice! We then went to the kitchen and did the preparation together. It was such a joyful time! The three of us in the kitchen, talking, laughing, even sometimes doing silly things! Mom were usually watched all the commotion from the living room and just waited until the Fried Rice ready. Then the four of us would eat it together. It was just the best! Such a fond memory!

fried rice01

Now I pass on the tradition of having Fried Rice on the family table with my children. Maybe not really as impromptu and late at night as my Dad was. But still, every time I cooked Fried Rice, the children will squeal with delight. I usually asked them to help chopping sausages or cooked chicken to be added into the Fried Rice. Looking at four of them, cutting sausages, talking, laughing, and sometimes bantering with each other, always makes my heart warm. It’s memory in the making.

fried rice02

Here’s one version of the Fried Rice I usually make. I love the taste of ginger in it. Makes all the difference, and the children still love them too. You can substitute bacon with any meat you have in hand. Enjoy!

chinese fried rice


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