Indian Butter Chicken


butter chicken


Butter Chicken is one of my family favourites. Whenever I made Butter Chicken the kids almost always had a second serving, if not third! I think they love the sauce more than the chicken itself. Who can blame them really! I love Butter Chicken sauce myself! They are so rich, warming, and moreish. The kids will dip their Roti Paratha into the sauce and wipe the plate clean with them. Such a delight watching them eating it!

There’s a story involving my friend’s dad about Butter Chicken a few years back. He came from Indonesia to visit my friend, here in New Zealand. We all went together for a summer holiday in Taupo. On the way back home we stopped for a lunch break at Whakapapa Village, famous for its ski field. I know, it’s in the middle of summer! But from someone who come from such a hot country as Indonesia, to be able to see even the slightest view of the snow in person is really an exciting experience. Well, it was exciting for me the first time I’ve seen snow in person. But that’s another story. Back to Butter Chicken! We went to one of the hotel’s restaurant and ordered our lunch straight away. In a fairly short time our orders were ready and the waiters served our food. After all the food laid in front of us, I could see that my friend’s dad looked puzzled with his plate. We asked him what’s wrong. Turned out he ordered Butter Chicken, but it came out not to his expectation. He translated the Butter Chicken quite literally into Bahasa Indonesia! We have a dish in Indonesia that is literally means butter chicken, but it is nowhere near looks like or tastes the same as Indian Butter Chicken. If I were to rename the Indonesian butter chicken it would be Fried Chicken with Butter and Kecap Manis Sauce. Big difference! Imagine his disappointment when he found out about this! But nonetheless, he experienced something new and I think he was quite enjoying it in the end. 

For me, I love Butter Chicken for its simplicity. It is really easy to make, yet it always delivers burst of flavours with its mouthful. I like mine with slices of fresh Bird’s Eye chillies and coriander leaves on the side. I like my food spicy. The coriander leaves give that extra oomph to the flavoursome curry. Your palate will be dancing with every single bite!

Here’s my version of Butter Chicken. Easy peasy, full of flavour and family-friendly too! Enjoy!

butter chicken




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